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Dear shareholders of Rastar Group:


By the end of April 13, 2018, the total number of shareholders reached 56,367. Including 387 institutional investors. On behalf of all the employees of listed company and subsidiary companies, I'd like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks and best regards to all the shareholder, customers and cooperation partners.


All things have a beginning, but few people can see them through to the end. Looking back on our road to entrepreneurship, ever since the acoustooptical toy-- our first product-- being assembled in my hands, I have been convinced that my whole life shall be tied to toys and beyond to the entertainment industry. Nowadays, after 18 years, Rastar Group is coming of age. It is gratifying that we remain true to our original aspiration and it is inspiring that all main business segments are taking on the momentum of stable development in the long term.


Our game business is in full swing to open up its own territory. Guided by the strategic thinking of internationalization, serialization, and branding, Total Warfare: Epic Kingdoms, Aurora Legend, and our other games have been a rising star in the intensely competitive gaming industry, ensuring our company a leading position in several game segments, including strategy and animated games.


Our football club is gathering momentum and is about to usher in a magnificent transformation. The club's revenue has been on the rise steadily. RCD Espanyol ranked eighth in the La Liga standings in the 2016-17 season, the highest La Liga points of the team in the past 12 years; in the 2017-18 season, the lineup has been reinforced despise a slight slip with the scores. It is worth mentioning that seven outstanding Chinese young players were put on trials by RCD Espanyol in 2017 and among them Zhang Aokai, Huang Zhensheng and also other Chinese and oversea Chinese players have joined the Spanish team, making a real contribution to the development of Chinese football. 


Our toy sector is developing steadily and creating opportunities for growth against the recession. In 2017, the company continued to explore new product categories and improve product quality and brand power through developing innovative, high-quality and exquisite products. In addition, Rastar Group has become the world's only licensor of BMW on dynamic models and children's bikes. I think this is the best reward for our toy business


Just like the moon advancing to the full, like the sun ascending the heavens, the bright future of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is coming into view as socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era. With peace and development being the theme of this era, a period of great development, great change, and great adjustment of the world have arrived. In this new era, all employees in the company should work together as one with the energy and courage to take on a new look and make new achievements for a better life.


Games, toys, and football club are the main business of Rastar Group and these three are spiritually and culturally essential to meet the people's growing needs for a better life. Rastar Group will shoulder its due responsibility to the mainstream culture by spreading splendid Chinese history and core culture, carrying forward Chinese spirit and creating even more brilliant Chinese stories through our efforts in the transformation and upgrading of the industry and creation of quality products.


At the same time, with the business of RCD Espanyol, Rastar overseas gaming distribution, Rastar overseas toy sales, we will also strive to conduct eclectic exchanges between Chinese and other peoples and spread China's splendid culture based on openness, innovation, inclusiveness and reciprocity so as to present a true, multi-dimensional and panoramic view of China to the world.


When July comes, Constellation "Fire" moves to the west; when August comes, it is the time to reap the reeds. Likewise, Rastar Group is also about to usher in the maturity of its businesses with an anticipated harvest to reap. For the game sector, major game products Aurora Legend, Mobile Raid, Total Warfare: Epic Kingdoms, Kings of Doomsday will be launched successively in 2018, consolidating our leading position in the corresponding gaming markets; for the football club, we will continue to implement and improve the superior modern system of European football, training young Chinese players through the youth system at the best football clubs and schools. We are striving to become the overseas "Huangpu Military Academy" for Chinese football; for the toy sector, we will continue to develop as we are aspiring to become an example of China's high-quality toy manufacturer.


At the same time, the efforts we have made for super IP incubation are going to be paid off for this stage. The Magical Nights of Glorious Tang, Heroes of soldiers, The Invasion of Awakening and other film or anime-based games have already been launched or will soon be launched. Rastar Group currently has built a diversified IP matrix covering literature, comics, animation, movies and games and thus boasts great potentials for future development in the comprehensive cultural and creative industries.


In addition, the office building we purchased in Guangzhou will be officially put into use in the new year. Located at the intersection of the West Huangpu Road and Haiye Road in Guangzhou, the Rastar Center occupies the core position in the eastern part of the Pearl River New City. With the intelligent office system of the Center, we can provide our employees with a high-quality, efficient and convenient service platform both for work and life. Together with our employees, we will build Rastar into a warm, intelligent and powerful Rastar-home.


The world is changing all the time with high banks changing into valleys and deep valleys into hills. You may already have a general understanding of the company's overall performance in 2017 from our previous performance bulletins. On one hand, I suggest all the investors that are interested in Rastar Group going through our 2017 Annual Report in detail, which can help you quickly understand the real state of the company's business development and expenditure; on the other hand, we also hope that by looking back on the past development through this Annual Report, we will be able to go forward at rapid speed in every business sector without burdens.


Here, I would like to sincerely invite all investors to participate in the company's online presentation of the Annual Report on May 8th on At that time, companies' managers and I will answer the questions concerning our investors in the interaction section. 


The lush mountain stands still as if a perpetual painting of landscape free from ink; the lucid water ripples vibrantly like an indestructible harp of the orchestra without string. Rastar Group will adhere to the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, focus on the main business of game, toy, football club, etc., and give full play to the spirit of craftsmanship to provide quality content services and in-depth entertainment experience; Rastar will insist on being superb and remain true to its purpose of development so as to return long-term investment value to our shareholders; Rastar will practice the core socialist values, promote brilliant traditional China's culture, and make greater contributions to human development.


Once again, I would like to thank our shareholders for your loyal support all the time. It's an honor that we met and I am willing to march forward with you regardless of all hardships.