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Exclusive interview of Rastar Games on CCTV: promote quality archaistic games in overseas market, explore 5G cloud gaming

Release time:2019-06-24 18:49


On June 21, CCTV Financial Channel conducted a special report on the gaming industry with a focus on the eased approval process, outbound games, cloud gaming, etc. Rastar Group, (hereinafter referred to as Rastar, A-share stock code: 300043), one of the listed companies in the domestic game industry, was given an exclusive interview on CCTV.


Exclusive CCTV interview with Chen Chuanghuang, Assistant Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Rastar Group


The suspension of government approval of new games in 2018 has objectively accelerated the outbound pace of Chinese game companies. In the long run, taking into consideration the increasingly intense domestic competition and vast foreign market, going overseas has become an important choice for the next development of gaming business.


According to the leaders of Rastar Games, the trading volume in the overseas market accounts for 30% of the total. In the future, Rastar Games plans to launch more overseas games in wider areas.


With the advent of the 5G era and 2019 being the first year of commercialized 5G, the mobile game industry has ushered in new opportunities. The feasibility and practicality of cloud gaming have become the focus of major game producers. It is revealed that Rastar Games is proactively exploring the cloud gaming sector. Till now, Legend of Three Kingdoms: Overlord, an archaistic strategy game, has been put on test for cloud gaming and Tencent Instant Play, a cloud gaming platform provided by Tencent Games will soon be launched to explore cloud service for war strategy games.


Liang Rongqing, vice president of Rastar Games, puts cloud-game Legend of Three Kingdoms: Overlord on demo to CCTV reporter


Rastar will continue to integrate outstanding traditional Chinese culture into its games and produce gaming products that set mainstream and positive culture as their cultural core.


At the same time, catering to the massive advancement in network bandwidth and response speed that come with 5G, Rastar Games has proactively promoted game innovation and upgrading with the development of a variety of hardcore mobile games and H5 games.